Website website is not agency and presents information gathered from the object owner and is not materially and/or criminally liable if the information do not mirror reality. The advertiser (landlord) is the one taking full responsibility for given information, as well as for editing information via user interface if the details of the advertisement change.

Privacy protection and use of personal information
To advertise on the website advertiser is obliged to register and fill in the registration form with his personal and contact information like:
Name and surname
Information about accommodation

Users of the services provided by the site agree that the owner of the site may collect the following personal information:
Name and surname
E-mail address
Telephone number is obliged to respect your anonymity and privacy, and your personal data like full name, address, telephone number or e-mail are used exclusively to enable contact between the guest and the advertiser.

Personal data that is provided through use of the site will be used in strict adherence to the Data Protection Policy (GDPR EU 2016/679 EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND COUNCIL from 27th April, 2016.).

You can at any time request changes to or the deletion of your personal information as well as other data

The administrator does the necessary corrections and deletes published data in following cases: when the object or advertiser information are not complete, when the object/accommodation is entered more than once, when the description and/or the add price are incorrect and/or incomplete, when the text or the pictures of the add and/or the advertiser violate copyright and/or intellectual property right or have discriminating, immoral and/or unlawful contents according to the Croatian law.

The owner of reserves his right to ban those users who in any way violate advertising terms and conditions.

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